He told Kai that Ibuki was going to teach them how to play Cardfight!! Kai then covered Shion, who had fallen asleep, with his black jacket that he wore in Season 2. If a player owns a dragon monster which has won both rounds therefore being the fastest and strongest dragon monster of all, he wins the DRAGONIC game without further battle. Kai is shown smiling at his friends. Back when he was younger, he used to sleep on the park bench. However, he easily reached the Semi-Final in the tournament. Kai starts training to become stronger and fights Kyou on a mountain, winning the fight and triggering an avalanche, which Kai saves Kyou from.

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Upon seeing Ultra Rare on the television, Kai remembers Aichi telling him of a cardshop called Psy that the idol group runs. Summary Edit The image is used on the wiki or will eventually be used. During Kai’s turn, Kai would use the skill of of Dragon Overlord « The Destiny » to remove one of Aichi’s locked card in the front row and opened up his board. It is worth noting that Kai acknowledges a similar ability in Ren, but Ren’s seems to be more based off an intuition for how cards work together than Kai’s more experience based skill. Do not delete this image! Hit the « Draconic Age » in a WorldGen.

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After saving Arata and Dragonkc from being trapped by Darkface, Kai fought against Darkface and manages to overwhelm and win against Darkface.

dragonic age

Miwa comes out saying that Kai is the best cardfighter even asking Misaki if there was any other cardfighter that are as good as Kai. In Season 4, he starts to open up more and becomes friendlier than he was in the previous seasons.

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Each player chooses the body of his dragon from the tiles and all other dragon body tiles are put aside. Kamui decided to fight against Miwa and won.


Kai suffers judgement after he had lost, which is going through a fire the burns away the person’s fighting will, from the result of drzgonic Holy Prominence Prison. Aichi won against Kamui which caused Kamui to say that he will be more like Aichi. New Asteroid wanders around the amusement park where the final stage is held. After Gyze assume his goal of returning everything to nothingness, Kai was among one of the fighters that resisted against Gyze’s nothingness.

Gaillard tells Kai to forget about looking for Aichi, but the latter refuses.

Galliard then ddragonic Kai that there are other Quatre Knights besides him and that they will destroy anyone that gets in the way, including Kai’s mates. On that same night Kai encountered a washed-up Shion who fell to his knees after his last coin fell into the drain at a vending machine near a self-service laundry.

Kai loses, and Leon does not detect any wind behind his actions; meaning Kai seemed to be lacking something important. After the setup of the Semi-Final round, he was selected to be the next opponent of Misaki.

Chaos Breaker then summons his Zeroth Dragon of Destroy World, Stark to win the game dravonic with the combined efforts of Aichi and Kai allows them to survive that turn. Once an untouchable and hidden fortress built by the Draconians to protect the secret of the Dragon’s Powers, the Veiled Island has been discovered by explorers who opened the road for new adventurers and monster hunters.

Toshiki Kai

In episodeafter the graduation ceremony he was finally more interactive with others as he sighed an autograph for a girl who asked for it. Kai sensed the good part within Blaster Joker then and blocked the attack. Fort ModeAdventure Mode. Kai and the rest of the winners of each stage qge in Japan, the last stage of the VF Circuit.

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Horrified by what he’s done, Kai challenges Aichi and reveals that what he’s done hasn’t caused anyone any happiness, and attempts to go into self-exile to amend qge his crimes. He wonders if there was any good cardfighters at all and mentions that he would never get any better than what he is now.


dragonic age

Afterwards, they both cardfight for more than 10 times with Shion being defeated every time. Each player then announces the strength of their dragon to the other players.

dragonic age

If you fail to beat them in time and create your own dragon of such exceptional power that is impossible to describe in words the evil force will win. After deciding or drawing the playing order, the first player flips over any tile so everyone can see it. Going with Japanese rules of etiquette, none of the characters in Vanguard refer to Kai by his given name because none of them are close enough to him socially to speak to him as such, much like how Mr. There is also some speculation and various scenes in the anime that suggest Kai might have a soft spot for Aichieven though he refuses to admit it.

This image was taken from a Dragon Age comic series or art book, or dragonc websites created and owned by Dark Horse Comicsthe copyright of which is held by IDW Publishing. As they fight, Kai attempts to drop subtle hints towards her past when she was using Oracle Think Tank. That hasn’t been recorded on the wiki yet. It’s probably just a special cased thing for Dragons being the most powerful since Draconic is an irregular adjectival form.

Dragonic Overlord

This tag prevents the image from appearing in Special: After the match, he gives Ren and Aichi a smile and thanks Aichi for saving Ren. Upon seeing Ultra Rare on the television, Kai remembers Aichi telling him of a cardshop called Psy that the idol group runs.

He also demonstrates an incredible aeg mastering new units, an ability showcased numerous times in season 1.