May 3, No Comments views. Adds many mobs, weapons and an energy bar. If you kill a bat during the night it’s yield may improve since bats are nocturnal creatures. You can now fly Beekeeping Original by Nandona It fits in with vanilla gameplay, adding a mechanic that doesn’t over complicate the game, or change the medieval feel! There is a random chance of a lake being placed in the center of each sphere.

Nom: le mod wizardcraft 1.5.1
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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This ore generates in the bottom 7 layers of the D April 25, No Comments views. Better Anvils vdvman1 A small mod that just removes the anvil xp level limit. Gives the player complete color customization of their swords, providing a selection of infinite colors to choose from! Backpacks Eydamos Eydamos Adds dyable backpacks to the game for storing extra items. In the vast caverns that were hidden below the bedrock in Minecraftia, nothing could live. Auto Farmer Corosus Automatically harvests fully matured plants as well as automatically plant seeds.

Journey into Atum and discover ancient artifacts as you battle your way through vicious new enemies! Climbing, Diving, Sliding and More!

le mod wizardcraft 1.5.1

Artifice Shukaro Adds worldgen like flowers, marble, and basaltnew blocks like scaffoldingand new items such as storage boxes. Also, it’s completely client-based, which means it works for servers too!


Minecraft Mod Spotlight: METALLURGY 3 [Version ]! (Tons of New Ores and Machines)

Green Minecraft Mod Showcase: Adds many elements from the Assassin’s Creed games, such as a new HUD, weapons, tools, and other mechanics. It also adds a few chat commands that give better control over the time.

Ishikawa I liked a video from atlanticcraft Minecraft: But the head principle is that it the player to help is faster and more easily at Ressaucen to come!

Use the arrow on the block to find out the direction it spawns! Stop dreaming – use Bookz. Airships – Solar Powered!

le mod wizardcraft 1.5.1

Aliens Vs Predator Ri5ux. BiblioCraft Nuchaz Adds a more decorative means of storage to the game, such as true bookcases, potion shelves, tool racks, and more!

Adds worldgen like flowers, marble, and basaltnew blocks like scaffoldingand new items such 1.5.11 storage boxes. The purpose of the mod is to create immersive forest environments inspired by forests Karob has been to, yet modelled to suit the Minecraft universe. Better Farming iBlackShadow Adds wuzardcraft seeds, trees, tools, fruits, recipes, and a scarecrow. Want to delete the first? Sengupta I liked a video from Minecraft Mods: Once created, just hop in it as you would a boat and make sure you have some coal in your inventory.

Progression takes time, effort, and a lot of getting used to from the standard Minecraft.

Minecraft Mod Spotlight: METALLURGY 3 [Version 1.6.4]! (Tons of New Ores and Machines)

This mod does give you everything and everything is everything. Changes the way items despawn, so that instead of removing an item it is going to mkd placed down as a block.


Allows you to not only give yourself any item in the game, but almost every possible kind of item. Backpack size is configurable.

Boxes Matchlighter Boxes brings cardboard boxes to Minecraft!

The only readily available feature of this mod is the ability to add new music, however, it adds support for modders to add new records and sound effects.

This ore generates in the bottom 7 layers of the D Bordering this lake you will find sand for water, or gravel for lava.

Download the mod today! Bookz mmdev Wrote a book with 40 pages of text? DirectionHUD displays your magnetic compass heading at the top of your screen.

le mod wizardcraft 1.5.1

Shoot some slimes into pieces with an old musket! Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Better Than Wolves Mod FlowerChild A mod that changes much of the functionality of Minecraft that makes Survival a lot less trivial, as well as mechanical additions that progress through ages.