A limper is a poker player who places the minimum required wager to maintain a stake in the pot during the first round of betting. Poker — Part 4: Find More Posts by tultfill. Experienced players are aware that limping is rarely a good move, so you can see why it can difficult to work out the best response to players that are always limping-in for different reasons. Accounting for the blinds and antes, there are now 20 blinds in the pot, and it cost you 12 more in a showdown. Staff April 12, Special Offers PokerStars has special offers running all year round, with cash prizes, seats to the best live events and much more.

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But, now I’m facing a table with multiple limpers who often call your raise, what’s the most optimal adjustment when it’s my turn to act if I want to raise? Against bad players you can play straightforward like that because they still look at their hand so much and have problems visualizing what you might have. If you see another player doing this, squeeze them both out of the pot with a 4-bet. The risk of isolating a weak player is that a player who is still to act in the hand will figure out what you are doing, and then re-raises the hand. You can win a lot more chips by raising the bet, which typically causes players after you to fold their speculative hands.

Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood limers signing up, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. Poker Pitfalls – Episode 9, Lack of Specialization.

video limpers

After all we often find ourself in situations where we have little or no information about the other players. Poker Pitfalls – Episode 4, Monsters Under th I find myself deviating from my standard strategy, also there is something about this style of play that tilts me bigtime! A lot of good players are limping a lot too. Poker Pitfalls – Episode 6, Failing to Protec Find More Posts by Steve. Not sure why limping strategies would be tilting?


Poker Training Video: Shoving Theory, Ep7 – SNG Shoving Over Limpers

If he’s a loose-passive player limping lots of hands but still raising the top of his range, then just play ABC poker: This video was originally part of GrinderSchool. Available in your country Available worldwide. But, now I’m facing a table with multiple limpers who often call your raise, what’s the most optimal adjustment when it’s my turn to act if I want to raise? The same players seem to be very trappy and delay cbets when they hit top pair etc. Play Now Read more.

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The chances are just higher to see weaker, more passive opponents in the games with the smallest stakes. If he seems to be playing very well and his only « weakness » is that he limps « too much », I suggest you quit playing him especially if you feel tilted.

This is especially true for microstakes and zoom. Although in theory it has the viseo to raise PF against the junk your opponents are playing, in practice it will have a hard time realizing that vido when it misses the flop. Pete ‘Carroters’ Clarke’s guide to six-max cash games continues with a look at how to deal with limpers, including how to successfully isolate them and if there are any occasions when we should also be limpres to limp in.


For the sake of a strictly theoretical discussion, let’s not take into account the stakes level.

Find Threads Started by quemado. Don’t know, just blame Cog. If you can predict their moves, you have an extra advantage of knowing when they do hit the flopand get out of the way. When they do raise you know they do not have a strong hand, depending on their calling tendencies, this is information you can use to re-raise them off of their weaker hands. Find Threads Started by jorn.

6-Max Cash Game Guide, Episode 2 – Dealing with Limpers

Even the fact that it tilts u and u get to spots vjdeo u dont know what to do makes the recreationals play better against u and it doesnt matter if its their plan or not. Limping certain ranges against certain opps may be a very good play for different reasons.

video limpers

Qualify for the biggest live poker events in your region and around the world, with freerolls and satellite qualifiers running now. You can change your cookie settings at any time. PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Episode 5. Most will introduce a limping range BB deep if you have demonstrated a competent OOP defending range flat or 3b.

Don’t hurry up into the conclusion of him being a fish though. These ranges are significantly different from my opening ranges from the respective positions. For example, you have 15X the big blind, a limper comes in, and you decide to videk by raising to 3X the blind with a good, but not fantastic hand.